Diode Laser For Proctology And Varicose Veins

Helios 980
15W, 980NM

Helios 1470
15W, 980NM

Helios Duo
12W 980NM + 12W 1470

Product Description

Our laser units have two wavelengths viz. 980nm and 1470nm.
The 1470nm laser targets water in the tissue very well and thus is able to achieve great tissue shrinkage due to desiccation. The 980nm laser targets pigments like haemoglobin, oxyhemoglobin and melanin. Thus it is highly effective for cutting and coagulation. It also achieves higher penetration of effect.
The surgeons have the flexibility to choose from both these wavelengths as per their requirements and suitability for their application.

The units come with power of more than 10W to cover all the applications.

Magic Pulse Technology is a unique technology by us. It is a simultaneous energy of 980nm & 1470nm, which is most effective for Superficial Photoablation & Photosterilisation.
The laser is calibrated to deliver precise energy for precise outcomes.
Our laser solutions are designed to work reliably in Indian conditions with their heavy-duty German diodes and superior heat sinks, without compromising on the cutting quality.
The guidelines settings provide the most conventional settings while the surgeon can change them as per specific patient requirements.
Our lasers are feature rich that provide better clinical outcomes, safety and ease of use.

Testimonial for Vessel Sealer Epsilon Plus

Dr Mohan

Nano Hospital, Bangalore

We have been using Caudra electro cautery for 7 years.. we are extremely happy about the performance of machines and also service support from company. ..Value for money..Highly recommended 👍

Dr Ramesh Khichade

Jeevan Hospital, Manjari, Belgaum

Quick service and superior quality work....easily operatable👌👌👌

Dr Raju

Kavitha Hospital, Bangalore

Dr. Shreenivas Badiger


Dr Rashmi Y

Shreya Hospital, Harihar