About us


Precious Life is led by Sudarshan Nagaonkar, who is M Tech from IIT Bombay and comes with 20 years of international experience. Sudarshan is an Affiliate Member of SAGES (Society of American Gastrointestinal & Endoscopic Surgeons) and he has been FUSE (Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy) certified by SAGES.

About us

We at Precious Life believe in being your partner in bringing the best surgical outcomes to the patients.​

We do this by:

Our Achievements

Precious Life started its journey in 2008 and has served directly & indirectly more than 1,000 hospitals across India. Precious Life leverages its partnership with dealers for bringing the best in class technology to surgeons.
Precious Life is proud of its association with the leading surgeons in India. This association has helped us in fine tunning of our products and also in better customer education at large.

Our Culture

  • Patient Centricity:

    Every action and thought of ours is towards achieving better patient outcomes. If it does not benefit the patient, we do not do it.

  • Trust:

    We trust others and we try to be trustworthy. We do not waste our energies on endless doubting. Also, we build trust among our customers by being reliable every time.

  • Team work:

    We work as a team. Mission of the organisation is more important than any individual. We help each other in achieving the mission.

  • Learning:

    We focus on learning and also teaching. We understand that knowledge plays an important role in better clinical outcomes.

  • Efficiency:

    For us improving efficiency means getting rid of wastages of any resource like time, efforts, money. Improved efficiency makes us more competitive and gives more benefits to our customers.