Surgical Diathermy Alpha Series

Surgical Diathermy alpha

Surgical Diathermy Alpha Series is combination of ease of use, optimal set of features and advanced patient safety.

Alpha Series is designed using the state of art technologies. Use of high speed microcontrollers helps to deliver the output power precisely. Alpha 200 also provides precise output, work on generators and inverters on wide range of input voltage and they are light weight.


Alpha Series provides unmatched usability: Be it feather touch keys, digital display, ability to store your favourite settings using programs. The ease of use allows you to derive the maximum benefit of the various features of the surgical diathermy.

In summary, Alpha Series provides the optimal performance for different surgeons’ needs.

Alpha Series comes with three variants viz. Alpha 200, Alpha 300 and Alpha 400 which have 200W, 300W and 400W as the maximum power rating respectively.

Alpha 200 is recommended for ENT Surgeons and for minor surgeries requiring low power.

Alpha 300 is recommended for General Surgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Gynaecologists.

Alpha 400 is recommended for surgeries requiring high power.

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Quick service and superior quality work....easily operatable👌👌👌👌👌
Dr Ramesh Khichade
Jeevan Hospital, Manjari, Belgaum
Good Products and the service support is excellent.
Mr Suresh Reddy
Biomedical Engineer, Cloud Nine Hospital, Bangalore
Good service and quality service
Dr. Prabhakar Venkataramana
Tirumala Diagnostic & Orthoapedic Center, KR Puram, Bangalore
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