Epsilon 400 V Series


Epsilon 400 V Series from Cuadra Instrumentation is a fully-loaded surgical diathermy. Epsilon 400 V Series is packed with numerous features that provide the highest performance to the surgeon and best in class patient safety.

Epsilon 400 V Series has multiple cutting (low cut, pure and blend cut) and coagulation modes (desiccate, fulgurate and spray), which provide the flexibility to the surgeon to meet specific surgery needs. It also has usability features like programmable, feature touch keys, digital displays.

Epsilon 400 V Series has most advanced features like tissue sensing technology to give you reproducible cutting and coagulation quality. It ensures that the necrosis and smoke are minimum while cutting being smooth & coagulation being swift. Epsilon 400 V Series has the highest patient and surgeon safety: it has patient plate contact quality monitoring & HF leakage monitoring to avoid burns.

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Testimonials for Epsilon 400 V Series

We have been using Caudra electro cautery for 7 years.. we are extremely happy about the performance of machines and also service support from company. ..Value for money..Highly recommended 👍
Dr Mohan
Nano Hospital, Bangalore
Good product
Dr. Suhas
Life is Beautiful Clinic, Bangalore
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