Cuadra Zeta 500 Plus

Cuadra presents the sophisticated features in electrosurgery coupled with ease of use of a touch screen. Zeta 500 Series is combination of advanced features, super current quality, unmatched reliability and ease of use of touch screen and wireless footswitch.

Cuadra Zeta 500 Plus

Zeta 500 Series contains all the electrosurgery advanced functions: be it multiple coagulation modes, programs, Endo Cut, Bipolar Cut, advanced patient safety like contact quality monitoring. Tissue sensing technology and advanced algorithm ensure that the cut is smooth & coagulation is quick without much charring & smoke. Zeta 500 V2 has two monopolar outputs with simultaneous coag feature.

Zeta 500 Plus comes with two specialised features viz. vessel sealing and saline TUR.

Zeta 500 Plus’s tissue sensing technology and advanced algorithm ensure that vessels up to 7mm are sealed quickly without much thermal spread. Saline TUR capability ensures smooth cutting and effective coagulation in conductive fluids like saline.

The intuitive & user-friendly touch screen interface and wireless footswitch provide unmatched ease of operations.

All the accessories provided are tested for their effectiveness along with the main unit.

Introduction to Zeta 500 Series and Surgery Videos:

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